Udupi Paryayotsava : -

Each of the eight yati's , accordingly performing shri krishna pooja for two months and handing over the responsibility to next yathi, is called as Paryaya. Shri Vadiraja extended the period of two months to two years. Paryayotsava often takes place on January 18.

Muhurtha: -

A year earlier to paryayotsava, the muhurthas of paryaya like rice, banana leaves, firewood muhurtha formally take place.

Purapravesha: -

The day when future paryaya peetadeesha, before 8-10 days to paryaya arrives to udupi after visiting variuos holy places and blessing all devotees is called purapravesha. Once upon a time when swamiji arrives to jodukattege, border to udupi, the village people used to receive with an open vehicle and procession till rathabeedi. After shri krishnas darshana swamiji is felicitated in a public function.

Paryayotsava: -

On the morning of januray 18 before brahmi muhurtha swamiji acclaiming paryaya peeta performs teertha snana in dandateertha, which is situtated in south and 8kms to udupi and finishes ahanikas and arrives to jodukatte. Excluding paryaya peetadisha's , along with all other ashtamatadisha's, swamiji (acclaiming the peeta) will be brought in to rathabeedi in a gorgeous pallakki procession. After Shri Krishna darshana through Kanakana Kindi and Chandramouleeshwara, Anantheshwara darshana, when arrived at the gates of Sri Krishna Matha, paryaya pithadhisha welcome's and takes him for Shri Krishna darshana. Transfer of power for paryaya pooja takes place right sfter this. Swamiji to be holding the peeta is made to sit on the sarvajna peeta and the swamiji to be leaving the peeta hands over akshaya patra and keys to the garbagudi. Soon after various peetadipathis perform the rituals on the badagumalige bed. After that paryaya darbar takes place in the large decorated stage of rajangana. People who have earned the name in various fields are honored in the presence of elites, political leaders and millions of devotees. All key positions of Sri matha is announced. Food is served for millions in the afternoon and special brahmotsava is carried out at night.

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