Srimantham Kamalakhanta Santatadhyanatatparam | Adhokshajamunim Shantam Vande Vitthalapujakam||

Sri Vishveshateertha Sripadangalavar:

Venkataramana, son of meyaal narayanacharya and kamalamma couple of ramakunja,near subramanya on 27-4-1931. Upanayana was conducted while studying in sanskrit school(at the age of 7). He received sanyasa from Shri Vishvamanyateertha in bahudanya sanvatsara margashira shudh panchami on friday, 3-12-1938. Vishveshateertha as ashrama name. After completing primary education under adde vedavyasacharya, high school education was completed under Shri bhandarakeri matadeesha Shri vidyamanya teertha in bhandarakeri matha for eight years. Then nyayasudha was grandly celeberated in udupi. He achieved expertise in nyayavendanti shastra and vyakyartha.

First paryaya of swamiji took place in 1952-53. Conducted all india madhva tathva jnana sammelan and established Madhvamahamandala in udupi. Late Jayachamarajendra odayar innaugrated this sammelan. He also published monthly newspapers in order to promote madhvatatva. On July 28, 1956, holy day of Teekacharya he established adhyatma vidyakendra poornaprajna vidyapeeta similar to a gurukul to learn shastra in bengaluru. Thousands of scholars who have learned so far in this organization are well known across the country. Some of the famous scholars impressed by Shripada's knowledge are Kandanga Ramachandra shastri, Maharaja of Cochin, D.V.Poddar, , Kashi Rajeshwar Shastri, Ananthakrishna Shastri..

The second paryaya (1968-69) :- Collection of geetopanyasa's given by swamiji is published as 'Geetasarodhara'. Free treatment clinic was started in udupi rathabeedi. Jayateertha's sixth centenary was grandly celebrated. Very big conference of vishwa hindu parishath was also conducted in udupi. Swamiji made a historic declaration of a slogan 'na hindo pathitobhaveth'.

The third paryaya (1984-1985) :- Hundredth anniversary of Shri Krishna prathista sapthama was carried out very grandly(13-1-1985). Shri Krishna Dhama lodging was innaugrated near Shri Krishna matha in 7-12-1985. Rajangana Auditorium was also constructed. The third paryaya (1984-1985) :- Hundredth anniversary of Shri Krishna prathista sapthama was carried out very grandly(13-1-1985). Shri Krishna Dhama lodging was innaugrated near Shri Krishna matha in 7-12-1985. Rajangana Auditorium was also constructed.

The fourth paryaya (2000-2001) :- Rajangana auditorium was inspected and tested for use. Large parking space was created to help the increasing number of tourists. Madhva mantapa and Kanaka mantapa was constructed in vasantha mahal of krishnamatha. Naivedya school was modified as Madhva school. Sarvajna school was created on roof top of rajangana. And two kitchen rooms were created. Shri Madhvacharya's statue situated near Shri Krishna staute in the temple was covered with gold plating. Around 25 different conferences, 300 music programs, more than 250 dance programs, 150 yakshagana programs, 75 talamaddale programs, more than 25 skits have been performed.

Pejavara Matha Paryayas :

When Sri sode Vadiraja Swami increased the period of paryaya from two months to two years , first paryaya started with palimaru matha in ashtaka 1522. First paryaya of pejawar matha was held in 1536 and then took place in 1552, 1568, 1584, 1600, 1616, 1632, 1648, 1664, 1680, 1696, 1712, 1728, 1744, 1760, 1776, 1792, 1808, 1824, 1840, 1856, 1872, 1888, 1904, 1920, 1936 1952, 1968, 1984, 2000 . The next paryaya is to be documented in 2016. Sri Sri Vishveshateertha successfully carried out first paryaya in 1952 and then completed fourth paryaya in the order 1952, 1968, 1984, and in 2000 . 2016 paryaya would be the fifth paryaya to be documented.

Socialite Services:

  • Houses constructed for govindpur earthquake victims.
  • Collection of money and help for draught victims in bihar. Establishment of hospitals and providing medicines in navada village of gaya.
  • Hunger strike for ban on cow slaughter.
  • Hunger strike against rudraram butcher house in pashurakshayajna andholana in hydarabad.
  • Provided wages for cleaning the ponds for several months in bagalkot. Started Go kendra in chincholi.
  • Construction of 150 houses at the cost of 12 lakhs after adopting hansaladivi village of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Construction of houses for victims of earthquake in Lathur and Gujarat.
  • In 2009, construction of homes for victims of heavy rainfall in north karnataka.
  • Visit to harijan colony in bangalor(1970), prosession by walk.
  • Housing for homeless dalit people after after attack on them in a village in bellary. Ban on religion conversion in minakshipuram,Tamil Nadu(1981).
  • Protest In 1975 against the state of emergency and letter to the Prime Minister.
  • Walk in Punjab during the frantic atmosphere in Punjab.
  • Karaseva in Ayodhya in 1990, 1992. Sanyasa deekshe to central minister Uma bharati.
  • Important role in stopping mining activities in pajaka.
  • Stopping religion conversion activities in Tirumala Tirupati.
  • Protest on environmental disasters caused by Nuclear power plant in Kaiga.
  • Visited Naxal affected area in the district of Chikmagalur and provided the basic amenities to forest people from the matha.
  • Protest on damage to agriculture lands and environment from thermal power plant in Nandikur near Udupi.
  • In 2010 in order to prevent the conversion of hindus to buddhism in mysore, Harijana Swamiji Madarchenna from chitradurga was welcomed and facilitated with padapooja from brahmins.

Vasudeva gurukula was established for sanskrit education in pajaka, the incarnated land of Shri Madhvacharya on 12-7-1990. Pajaka Foundation was established for overall development of pajaka. Kannada sarvamoola grantha was published through Anandateertha Foundation. Publications of Geetabashya, Gitatatparya, Upanishad Khandartha, Upanishad Bhashya. Vishnutatvanirnaya, tathvanjali, nyayasudhasara and sarvamula sarasangraha are the written scripts by him. In 1970-80, sarvamoolagrantha written by Dr. Bannanje Govindacharya was published. In 1994, Poornaprajna research temple established in vidyapeetha.

On the occasion of Acharya Madhva's 750th vardhanti festival, as his memorial talented students who have studied vedhashastra is awarded with yearly encouragement fund of 1 lakh rupees. Senior scholars, Vidyamanya, and Trimatastha scholars are bieng awarded with vishevsha award.

Shri Vishveshateertha taught more than 30 lessons of sudha to his students and celebrated mangalotsava. His costumes were all made using khadi material.


  • Swamiji's 25th anniversery of peetarohanwas celebrated in gadag in 1964.
  • His 50th vardhanti was celebrated in major cities of India.
  • Celebrated very grandly in Bangalore in 1981, in Udupi in 1988
  • 60Th vardhanti was carried out in Tirupati in 1991
  • Diamond jubilee of peetarohana was celebrated in Hampi in 1998.
  • Honoured with doctarate by Tumkur University in 2010.
  • Swamiji's 70th anniversary of peetarohana was grandly celebrated in Udupi in 2010

There are so many people who have achieved thier heartly desires with the blessings of Shri Vishveshateertha.

Sri Vishveshateertha is a high mountain of knowledge. He has vast knowledge. He has krithathva strength as Shri Madhvacharya, great scholar like Shri Vadiraja and ocean of kindness like Shri Raghavendra swamiji. Many scholars believe that there is no other head of a matha who can stand equal to swamiji's knowledge skills.

On January 18, 2016, swamiji will be carrying out peetarohana for the record fifth time on madhvanavami in the history of udupi paryaya.

About swamiji:

 The knowledge we have provided to Vishveshateertha is much less compared to the knowledge he has acquired through god gifted talent. - Vidyaguru Shri Vidyamanyateertha

 Sanyasa is difficult ashram, implementation, suddhacharitrya, knowledge and new thoughts are his speciality - Shri Siddhaganga Matadeesha

 He is like a symbol of pride to the sanyasi's - Sri Ramachandrapura Matadeesha

 Like a Isha to the world and pure like a teertha - Sri Adichunchanagiri Matadeesha

 Three Gems of the south kannada coastal land Shri Madhvacharya, Shri Vadiraja, Shri Vishveshateertha - Pandarinathacharya galagali